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We believe in preventive health care which includes immunizing your child against life threatening diseases.  We stress the importance of routine checkups to help detect any possible growth problems or disease process in your child. We also believe that you, as the parent, know your child best, and we respect any concerns you may have about your child. At the foundation of the relationship we hope to develop is one of mutual trust. We have only the best interests of your child’s health in mind.

Vaccine Policy

We believe in the effectiveness and safety of vaccines to prevent serious illness and to save lives.  All children and teens should receive all of the recommended vaccines according to the schedule published by the Centers for Disease Control, ACIP and the American Academy of Pediatrics.  We believe, based on all available literature, evidence and current studies, that vaccines do not cause autism or other developmental disabilities.  

WE DO NOT ACCEPT FAMILIES THAT DO NOT IMMUNIZE THEIR CHILDREN, for fear of spreading vaccine preventable diseases to our vulnerable patients.  It is also an essential philosophical difference that we find difficult to reconcile.

Updated Vaccination Policy (as of December 1, 2019)

ALL CHILDREN MUST RECEIVE ALL REQUIRED VACCINES according to the recommended vaccine schedule set by the ACIP/AAP

Previously under vaccinated children whose parents still refuse to vaccinate will be discharged from our practice.

Children on an alternate vaccine schedule prior to our vaccination policy change will be required to follow the ACIP/AAP and CDC catch-up schedule.  They must stay within the recommended window for the administration of vaccines or they will be discharged from our practice.

The Influenza vaccine is strongly recommended for ALL.  This is most important for those with chronic immune, cardiac or respiratory issues like asthma. 

Parents or caretakers who do not agree with the Sandy Plains Pediatrics vaccine policy will be given a one month grace period to find another pediatric practice.


Our newborns at Northside are seen by Neonatal Associates. If your baby is born at a different hospital, the staff pediatrician there will check your baby. We will see your new arrival at our office at one week of age. Children requiring hospitalization will be admitted to ChiIdren’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston or Scottish Rite through Doctor Direct. These Physicians specialize in hospital care and assist us in providing the best care for your child.


To avoid misdiagnosis and to ensure your child’s safety, it is our policy not to call in antibiotic prescriptions for patients who have not been recently seen. For patients who do not appear to be responding to prescribed medication for all routine prescription refills, we request that you call during regular office hours, when we can best take care of you. Please allow 72 hours for refill requests.


Due to frequent changes in health insurance coverage, we require that you provide proof of insurance coverage at each visit. If you do not have insurance, are unable to provide proof of insurance coverage, or are on a plan in which we do not participate, full payment is required at the time of your visit.  All co-payments are due at the time of service. These fees cannot be waived. All co-pays not collected at the time of service will incur a $15 billing fee. Please be aware that some services provided may be non-covered services and not reimbursable by your insurance. You are personally responsible for these services. For your convenience we accept cash, check, Visa, American Express, Master Card (including debit cards), and Discover.  If we are a participating provider, we will file your insurance for each visit. Should there be a dispute with your insurance company, our insurance department will attempt to resolve it for you. During this time, the balance may be transferred to your responsibility. Please note that your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company, therefore, your balance is your responsibility.  Financial arrangements for large balances can be made through our payment program. Failure to resolve any past due accounts will be cause for dismissal from our practice.

Preventative Care

Well visits will provide regular preventative care.  However, if during those visits additional services are required to treat other conditions those services will be charged as an additional appointment.

Cancellation Policy

Missed appointments for routine/preventive care are very disruptive to our office and deprive others from an appointment.  We have a Twenty-four (24) hour cancellation notification to avoid the $25 charge. New patients who have missed their first appointment will not be rescheduled.  Three no shows will result in dismissal from the practice.